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Company Profile

Super Brite Screw Corp. was founded in Miami, Florida on May 1st, 1977.

The founders of the company set forth to create a company that would supply its customers with the best products available, while building a reputation based on good service and price.

The company commenced its operations in a 5,000 square foot warehouse.  Today, from its two branches and 35,000 square feet, the company provides service to national and international accounts.

The clientele of Super Brite Screw Corp., includes national chain stores, hardware stores, (members of national associations, like Ace, True Value and American Hardware) as well as industrial accounts and the marine industry.

We are a member of the National  Fasteners Association.

Contact Information

Felix Infiesta - President
Carlos Hernandez - Secr.-Trea.

Rafael Losada - Export Manager  ( )                                    Ted Goldberg  -  Domestic Sales   ( )
Barbara Losada - General Sales   ( )
Glen Heckendorf - Controller        ( )

800-833-8894 (anywhere in the U.S.)
          866-288-5148 (anywhere in the U.S.)
Postal address
7265 W. 19th Court
Hialeah, Fl  33014-3705

Electronic mail
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Last modified: February 12, 2003